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Hoteliers rank the adoption of technology that streamlines operations as top priority

In this new era of hospitality, planning for recovery and beyond can be full of uncertainty. Even as demand grows, so does the need to improve operational efficiencies. With most of global hoteliers expected to recruit new staff in 2022, the biggest challenge remains how to prioritize the work of the people you have. The more streamlined your operations, the more opportunity you have to save time, money and make data-driven decisions to give your hotel the competitive edge needed in this new world of travel.

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Which HotSOS software is right for you?

HotSOS Select

(Amadeus Service Optimization) Enables select service hotels to manage:

Automate Hotel Operations
Scheduled Maintenance


(Amadeus Service Optimization) Enables all hotel properties to manage:

Advanced Task Automation
Scheduled Maintenance
Mobile Access
Hotel Guest Management
Access to over 200+ API Integrations, including PMS

HotSOS Housekeeping

(Amadeus Service Optimization) Enables all hotel properties to manage:

Advanced Task Automation
Scheduled Maintenance
Housekeeping Automation
Mobile Access
Room Inspections
Guest Management
Access to over 200+ API Integrations, including PMS

Manual processes are the #1 issue for hotel operations staff

Stellar execution behind the scenes isn’t only necessary to maximize efficiency but will ensure guests return to where their individual needs are known and met. With the new HotSOS experience, your property now has the ability to optimize operational workflows with real-time dashboards, scheduled equipment and preventative maintenance orders, and scalable inspections to ensure work is executed properly in accordance to property standards. Guest complaints are reduced, labor is optimized, and service speed is improved, all while elevating the guest experience.

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Set a New Service Standard with Amadeus HotSOS

Delivering thoughtful and personalized service is no easy task without the right technology. HotSOS centralizes hotel guest information to keep your staff in the loop about a traveler’s needs and preferences, as well as ensuring operations can run smoothly at the click of a button. Find out more about how Amadeus’ new HotSOS experience assists hotels in improving operational efficiency.

Meet the Best of Amadeus Service Optimization, Reinvented for the Future of Hotel Operations. With the New HotSOS Experience, You Can:

Maximize Efficiency with a New, More Intuitive Experience

  • Increase team engagement and productivity with enhanced functionality, easy-to-use navigation, and new, modern interface built for the future of hotel operations.
  • Reduce staff onboarding and training time with new in-line training, search, and help functionality, while a new tips tool offers guidance support throughout the solution.
  • Increase productivity with the ability to send and receive messages, service orders, and report notifications in real time.

Optimize Labor to Create More Meaningful Experiences

  • By automating communications, you can unlock staff capabilities to complete more proactive tasks and have open lines of communication throughout operations to deliver a higher level of guest service at a more rapid pace.
  • Increase the speed of guest request response times with a new delivery orders feature to generate multiple guest amenity requests at one time.
  • Optimize labor with the ability to analyze monthly or forward-looking annual schedules and corresponding expected labor output with newly improved scheduling and calendar views capabilities.

Have a 360° View of your Hotel

  • Be able to see team and individual productivity in real time via tailored dashboards, ensure any escalations are rapidly mitigated and prioritize critical communications.
  • Allow critical communications and changes in priority to be disseminated instantly to the right team member at the right time.
  • Streamline complex preventative maintenance projects for increased efficiency, while easily collaborating across departments for projects.

Drive Hotel Guest Loyalty

  • Create more meaningful interactions with your guests through profiling tools that provide important information about their individual preferences and needs. Recognize returning hotel guests, be aware of special requests or occasions, and gather other attributes to make sure every experience is a personalized one.

Introducing the Future of Amadeus Service Optimization - The New HotSOS Experience

Hotel Communication Platform

HotSOS: Gain a Competitive Edge by Setting a New Standard of Efficiency Across Operations with the Newest, Most Comprehensive Service Optimization Solution in the Market Today.

Gain Deeper Business Insight with Detailed Reporting

  • Put your data to work. Pull reports and analyze operational data to understand your biggest challenges so you can develop ways to solve for them. Understanding your business today paves the way for a better business tomorrow.

How to Elevate Guest Satisfaction with Scaled-Down Operations

Hotels around the world are evaluating how to scale-up guest satisfaction in a scaled-down world of operations and labor shortages.

Yet the reality is, as demand grows, so does the need to improve operational efficiencies.

In our new guide, Using Data to Shape Hotel Operations, you’ll access:

  • Key hospitality market insights and trends
  • Best practices to make thoughtful, informed decisions
  • Tips on how to deal with implications for labor shortages
  • Steps to follow to build successful operations plan

“HotSOS has been the most significant investment during the renovation in improving work quality and enhancing the guest experience.”

Francois Delahaye
General Manager & COO, The Dorchester Collection Group